Wednesday, 14 October 2009

A knock from the memory lanes....

Memories are afresh, 7 years back, same day, I along with my friends were on stage, dancing on the tunes of Ismail darbar,lyrics of Nusrat Badr and undoubtedly the melodious and soothing voices of Udit Narayanan, Vinod Rathod, Shreya Ghosal. Oh!! what a night. Yes! it was my freshers night, one of my all time best.

It was at around 2am in the morning when the party ended but we thought of staying at the venue for some more time and as always it just passed. It was 5 when we made a move. Winters had already started and it was dark but by the time we reached to our room.suraj k pehli....nahi I think do hazzar chey sau paintaliswi kiran had struck the surface.
In Bikaner, life kick starts in the early hours of morning so already few of the families have started their daily chorus. As me and Raju entered the lane of our PG, we saw two old ladies staring at us as if we were from a different planet. Actually they were right, after the party our condition was nowhere comparable to an ordinary human and as we moved a house or two further, another senior citizen had some nice thoughts on and for us.

Well things didn’t end here. As I opened the main gate of our PG, he was standing right there and OMG she too, gone big time. But how they and when but why.....?? A few One word questions were there and I was Googling them...lolzzz…Well here He and she are my landlord and landlady, RESPECTIVELY.

“So u guys enjoying too much of freedom”, She Said.
Na Aunty....ham to bas…”, as always Raju was first to give justifications but this time nobody cared to listen..
“Shut up!!!..Is this the time to come? Where were you last night? Don’t you have any manners? Do you do the same stuff in Jaipur?” He shouted. Well there were few more which I don’t remember and don’t want to either but why only Jaipur..why not Mathura, gurrrr…..
“What were you guys upto that the people complained and called us here….”
“No Uncle. nothing as such. We just had dance practice here for the freshers party and nothing else and we were in the party only…last nig…”.
“Whatever. I don’t want to listen any complaints from now onwards else u can leave the flat”. He interrupted

We nodded and climbed the stairs. By the time many people have come to watch a free of cost show at 4E467.
As I was climbing, I saw the girl next door. Ohh!!! I mean the same girl (remember, last time I introduced her. NO! better u read blogs from start:) )nodding her head.
I thought she was trying to sympathize, so sweet of her. I mean atleast I have someone who think I am right. I have someone who will be my side all time. I have someone whom I can trust upon. I have someone…who…who.....Bang!!!!
Abe...where the hell are u watching.”, Raju shouted.

I sat there on the step to regain my lost senses and stood up with a 1.5 cm diameter swelling on my forehead. The starting was bad and had no clue of what’s more in store for the rest of the day and only soother was SHE(the girl and not the landlady) and her concerns. :)

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