Saturday, 25 July 2009


Today, was the first nite out here in XL but obvious not for studies. Though I did prepare an OB related doc but not something great.

Yesterday, half of the day went sleeping, rest went in surfing, movie, .epic theatre, SOP for Dracula committee and BC, BC bole to baat-chit. Next week,two big events;mid-term quizzes for BFA and Eco. It reminds me of the fame XL song “Sabka Katega....” to be very sure, the makers of this song had real fore-sightedness.

Coming back to quizzes; Yes! they have more or less become an event, never scored marks with such an economical perspective. Max. so far is 55%, don’t know what is happening but something needs to be changed drastically otherwise..... :( Today and tomorrow would be deciding day regarding the status of preparation for the quizzes.Presently facing with a big dilemma whether I should sleep or not because it’s already 5.30 am. Its very tough sometimes to decide on sleeping part which is one of the cheapest commodity one can ever get. But one good thing is that I am slowly adjusting to the environment as in staying awake late at nights and waking up late on weekends.

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  1. sabka kat raha hai bhai...aur sabka katta rahega...ab sar pe kafan baandh ke aa hi gaye hain mba karne toh jo ho...dekha jayega!!