Friday, 10 July 2009

a sigh of relief...

....its 4.30am, still awake but this time not for studies, just came after watching one of the finest movies of all times, Shawshank Redemption, a story which makes u believe that HOPE is the most important and now playing counter strike, to add-on, screwed up 3 quizzes in a row in last 3 days but still Hoping to bounce back, a typical B-school life.

Last 4-5 days went in full tension as I had 3 quizzes lined up including a surprise one of marketing. The scary thing was QT and Managerial Eco quiz, back to back on two days and mind it. Here aim was not to get good marks but to somehow pass. QT I mangaged a 50% and MGE was reduced to 40%, credit to my lack of knowledge on subjects concern. Anyways as I said earlier, riding on HOPE for next quizzes. Though next 3 days, no classes but this weekend I have to start working on my projects, umpteen of them.:(

Rest classes are as usual going, bouncers or deads(count in when I am sleeping in lectures) nothing much to write. Today Bodhi tree gave performance and asked juniors to come up with original songs, only 2-3 were good.:( I think I should have gone but as usual no zeal...:(
Anyways waiting for next time till then will prepare a good song!!!!


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