Saturday, 18 July 2009


...deadline...hah; I never had a chance to meet it in my life, this time the case was of submitting marketing prj before 12 midnight yesterday or to be more specific maximum by 11:59:59pm.

As always we were way behind of schedule or euphemistically, schedule was running way ahead of us, there were some serious apprehensions whether we will be able to meet deadline or not, though I dint have any doubts because of my experience.:)
and then there was an announcement of GBM to be followed by selection of CRs. We decided not to go for GBM but to go and cast our vote for CR selection as voting karna bahut jaruri hai, issay hame ek acha CR milega, jo apni jimmedariyan imandaari se poori naitikta k saath apna kartavya nibhaega.
Anyways we went for voting at around 10.45pm and thought of returning JJHS(jitna jaldi ho sake. But the selection program was a long procedure so got a laptop for finishing the work on time and then things started. On one side, it was CR candidate speaking with active DCP by a few and on other side, Marketing prj. Bomber was still scribing something. By this time, a few batchmates got to knew about the status of our assignment and then it was like.15 mins left....10 mins.....5 mins...bomber still typing. 1 min to go and I totally went crazy.
Countdown started....50 sec......30 sec....10 sec....and then attachment button went missing. Oh mistake, was nowhere in sight..oh then somehow found it and then the digital wall clock behind us showed 12 midnight. Dude we missed deadline again.
it was at 12:00:12. ”Send” button was clicked. ohh thank god! atleast we sent...oh no!!!! The mail is still in outbox, this is going way too messy but to our relief, it took a few more seconds to move from “Outbox” to “Sent” folder.
After returning to room,I checked my mailbox and boy guess what!!! the mail arrived in my mailbox at 11:59pm., we were in time, sounds more like filmy but it’s true.....!!!!
The deadline bug struck us again but this time somehow we managed; keeping fingers, legs, hands crossed for next time......!!!!

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  1. hilarious...abhi tak hansi aati hai...kabhi book likhun toh (jo aajkal fashion ho gyaa hai)...toh dat'll definitely get a mention :)