Monday, 30 November 2009

SIPping the LYF...

....wrote this wen the Internship Process in XL was going...though not a great writer bt tried to put down the emotions ....thru which ppl went....
A disclaimer: These are my personal observations and is not meant to hurt anyone......

So started the Summers.......
Bt was it really for Bummers.
With an enthu for SIP of life...
walking on the edge of knife.
some passed d days sleep'g..
while a few cribbing......
sm were dre thru thick and thin....
& a few went wid an up chin..
Few dint have the puff of luck
With majority saying WTF...
Yet there was a bonding.....
Amidst the comps haunting........
wid me in the process still...
listening to the words 'just chill'....
From dusk to went on an on..
SIP 2010..has finally gone....

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

A knock from the memory lanes....

Memories are afresh, 7 years back, same day, I along with my friends were on stage, dancing on the tunes of Ismail darbar,lyrics of Nusrat Badr and undoubtedly the melodious and soothing voices of Udit Narayanan, Vinod Rathod, Shreya Ghosal. Oh!! what a night. Yes! it was my freshers night, one of my all time best.

It was at around 2am in the morning when the party ended but we thought of staying at the venue for some more time and as always it just passed. It was 5 when we made a move. Winters had already started and it was dark but by the time we reached to our room.suraj k pehli....nahi I think do hazzar chey sau paintaliswi kiran had struck the surface.
In Bikaner, life kick starts in the early hours of morning so already few of the families have started their daily chorus. As me and Raju entered the lane of our PG, we saw two old ladies staring at us as if we were from a different planet. Actually they were right, after the party our condition was nowhere comparable to an ordinary human and as we moved a house or two further, another senior citizen had some nice thoughts on and for us.

Well things didn’t end here. As I opened the main gate of our PG, he was standing right there and OMG she too, gone big time. But how they and when but why.....?? A few One word questions were there and I was Googling them...lolzzz…Well here He and she are my landlord and landlady, RESPECTIVELY.

“So u guys enjoying too much of freedom”, She Said.
Na Aunty....ham to bas…”, as always Raju was first to give justifications but this time nobody cared to listen..
“Shut up!!!..Is this the time to come? Where were you last night? Don’t you have any manners? Do you do the same stuff in Jaipur?” He shouted. Well there were few more which I don’t remember and don’t want to either but why only Jaipur..why not Mathura, gurrrr…..
“What were you guys upto that the people complained and called us here….”
“No Uncle. nothing as such. We just had dance practice here for the freshers party and nothing else and we were in the party only…last nig…”.
“Whatever. I don’t want to listen any complaints from now onwards else u can leave the flat”. He interrupted

We nodded and climbed the stairs. By the time many people have come to watch a free of cost show at 4E467.
As I was climbing, I saw the girl next door. Ohh!!! I mean the same girl (remember, last time I introduced her. NO! better u read blogs from start:) )nodding her head.
I thought she was trying to sympathize, so sweet of her. I mean atleast I have someone who think I am right. I have someone who will be my side all time. I have someone whom I can trust upon. I have someone…who…who.....Bang!!!!
Abe...where the hell are u watching.”, Raju shouted.

I sat there on the step to regain my lost senses and stood up with a 1.5 cm diameter swelling on my forehead. The starting was bad and had no clue of what’s more in store for the rest of the day and only soother was SHE(the girl and not the landlady) and her concerns. :)

Saturday, 25 July 2009


Today, was the first nite out here in XL but obvious not for studies. Though I did prepare an OB related doc but not something great.

Yesterday, half of the day went sleeping, rest went in surfing, movie, .epic theatre, SOP for Dracula committee and BC, BC bole to baat-chit. Next week,two big events;mid-term quizzes for BFA and Eco. It reminds me of the fame XL song “Sabka Katega....” to be very sure, the makers of this song had real fore-sightedness.

Coming back to quizzes; Yes! they have more or less become an event, never scored marks with such an economical perspective. Max. so far is 55%, don’t know what is happening but something needs to be changed drastically otherwise..... :( Today and tomorrow would be deciding day regarding the status of preparation for the quizzes.Presently facing with a big dilemma whether I should sleep or not because it’s already 5.30 am. Its very tough sometimes to decide on sleeping part which is one of the cheapest commodity one can ever get. But one good thing is that I am slowly adjusting to the environment as in staying awake late at nights and waking up late on weekends.

Saturday, 18 July 2009


...deadline...hah; I never had a chance to meet it in my life, this time the case was of submitting marketing prj before 12 midnight yesterday or to be more specific maximum by 11:59:59pm.

As always we were way behind of schedule or euphemistically, schedule was running way ahead of us, there were some serious apprehensions whether we will be able to meet deadline or not, though I dint have any doubts because of my experience.:)
and then there was an announcement of GBM to be followed by selection of CRs. We decided not to go for GBM but to go and cast our vote for CR selection as voting karna bahut jaruri hai, issay hame ek acha CR milega, jo apni jimmedariyan imandaari se poori naitikta k saath apna kartavya nibhaega.
Anyways we went for voting at around 10.45pm and thought of returning JJHS(jitna jaldi ho sake. But the selection program was a long procedure so got a laptop for finishing the work on time and then things started. On one side, it was CR candidate speaking with active DCP by a few and on other side, Marketing prj. Bomber was still scribing something. By this time, a few batchmates got to knew about the status of our assignment and then it was like.15 mins left....10 mins.....5 mins...bomber still typing. 1 min to go and I totally went crazy.
Countdown started....50 sec......30 sec....10 sec....and then attachment button went missing. Oh mistake, was nowhere in sight..oh then somehow found it and then the digital wall clock behind us showed 12 midnight. Dude we missed deadline again.
it was at 12:00:12. ”Send” button was clicked. ohh thank god! atleast we sent...oh no!!!! The mail is still in outbox, this is going way too messy but to our relief, it took a few more seconds to move from “Outbox” to “Sent” folder.
After returning to room,I checked my mailbox and boy guess what!!! the mail arrived in my mailbox at 11:59pm., we were in time, sounds more like filmy but it’s true.....!!!!
The deadline bug struck us again but this time somehow we managed; keeping fingers, legs, hands crossed for next time......!!!!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

....NiraSAW.....but dint hear.....

NIRASAW was the name of our product for the Maxi Bazaar, worked like dogs, screwed up OB quiz, dint sleep for 2hrs. in last 2 days, shouted at the pick of our voices, ran in rain for almost 3 times; pushing, pulling, abusing for getting the space to advertise our product; got good places, were happy as a team, brain-stormed for catchy tag-lines, prepared countless charts, did everything which is required for winning and yes; we did. We came first out of 6 teams.

Adrenaline was running like anything, it was a moment of great achievement, fists punching in air, hugs all around, jumping, yelling and what not, truly glorifying moments. After all, we came first and would be getting a cash prize of 20,000 bucks..WOW!!! But good things end soon & in our case it was soonest as one of the senior announces that hamara kat chukka hai. There was no such event, seniors played a prank on us, don’t know what to say. It’s all happening by the name of culture. Seniors says that their seniors also did the same with them so bottom-line is that; the CULTURE continues....
But best part is that got to knew some more seniors and even they also helped us while doing this stuff so it was not that much painful, only point which is still giving me a tough time is OB quiz. If there would have been no Maxi, I could have done better. Anyways, this is XL where anything can happen anytime. Ohh yeah! by the way our product was a multi-purpose sound stopper.ranging from noise pollution, fart solution, DCP and... some words should not be written. Tomorrow will get QT’s numbers kuch to acha ho yaar....!!!

Sunday, 12 July 2009


Two days have passed and still not a quanta of prj wrk. Production proj can be taken care of but what to do in OB and CSE still a mystery. I am getting daymares, to add to misery have to submit some heavy analysis on marketing prj. Meetings, meetings, more meetings but no concrete output.

Its 2.30 am, was just surfing to look out for some inputs for OB, one of the deadliest weapons of 1st term but as the saying goes 'It’s hard to find a needle in hay', same is for OB, still struggling with dependent and independent variables, the irony is sometimes dependent is independent enough to be considered and the independent is too concerned with someone, oops sounds crazy so am I. Anyways, its sport weekend going on here, Seniors vs. Juniors, loads and loads of bullying, cursing, in one of the most prestigious “Ratanjee” event. Lots of drama but end result as scripted Seniors have to won, though they did play few events good:)

Oh! it’s high time to return to OB, hope to find something good enough to share with team, planning to go for a night out today, wishes to me, lolzz!!
Ending with a self made quote.
“if you want to succeed in OB!!!! :)”

Friday, 10 July 2009

a sigh of relief...

....its 4.30am, still awake but this time not for studies, just came after watching one of the finest movies of all times, Shawshank Redemption, a story which makes u believe that HOPE is the most important and now playing counter strike, to add-on, screwed up 3 quizzes in a row in last 3 days but still Hoping to bounce back, a typical B-school life.

Last 4-5 days went in full tension as I had 3 quizzes lined up including a surprise one of marketing. The scary thing was QT and Managerial Eco quiz, back to back on two days and mind it. Here aim was not to get good marks but to somehow pass. QT I mangaged a 50% and MGE was reduced to 40%, credit to my lack of knowledge on subjects concern. Anyways as I said earlier, riding on HOPE for next quizzes. Though next 3 days, no classes but this weekend I have to start working on my projects, umpteen of them.:(

Rest classes are as usual going, bouncers or deads(count in when I am sleeping in lectures) nothing much to write. Today Bodhi tree gave performance and asked juniors to come up with original songs, only 2-3 were good.:( I think I should have gone but as usual no zeal...:(
Anyways waiting for next time till then will prepare a good song!!!!


Thursday, 2 July 2009


yet another class of marketing, few more fundas or wat we call here as GYAAN and yet another session of illogical queries by fellas and this tym, I too was one of the protaganists..
study by XLers has revealed that to get rid of sleep in lectures, do ask illogical senseless things to proffs, its a sleep destroyer, also it gives u a chance to show DCP, Despo Class Participation.:):)
but good things never come cheap so dont be too despo that proff makes ur lyf miserable and u land up to an F, dont get me otherwise, this F is the grade.:)

anyways, studies is wat i am looking for next 3 days, my batchmates are too studious and to cope up, I too need to study otherwise if concept of relativity comes into picture. At later stages, I will be screwed up big tym.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

euphoric nite

It was d nite to remember, a nite where stars came down the earth in form of candles in the hands of seniors lining up on either sides of pavements and we the juniors, were walking with a sense of pride and achievement, don't know for wat.
this was yet another tym, I realized that I am in one of the best B-school of India, the tradition, the culture n all. AWESOME is no comparison and then buckets full of soapy water on us, drenching us from top to bottom and then snrs greeting us on joining XL, everywhere there was a sense of euphoria with snrs and jnrs, all being part of wats called as an XL culture.
then the DJ, I danced till 3 in morning with my back and neck aching but still the JAJBA of dancing the hell out was there, it was once in a lifetime thing and ya ofcourse, the one which u cant forget in ur entire lifetime.
XL rocks and so do WE !!!

Friday, 26 June 2009

a beginning

For the first time in my life, studying in the library and that too for topic which has not been taught, the subject which is too theoretical, strange for a person like me. I was getting bored with the subject so thot of writing something but now this wud be the scene for rest of the two years. Well to be very frank, the amount of studies I have not done in my last 20+ years, have to do in a few months:(:(
Day before yesterday, official classes for term-1 started and bang on the target were the curriculum which proffs gave, I am already getting nightmares and the irony is..u hardly get a sleep out here and that too gets filled with these horrible things, only GOD can help. Well they say, these thing will happen during the first term and after that u will be HABITUAL, crap. Anyways, I'm njying my stay here and hope after getting grades this euphoria continues and the bottom line for all is STUDY day and night out.

Friday, 19 June 2009

life kick start

its been abt a week of my stay in XL bt out of these 7 days, I found it hard to find even 7 ppl with whom I can hang around, its sometimes so lonely out here, I dnt knw weder its the case wid everyone or not bt I feel it. Though new acquaintances have been there. I guess in coming days, things will be better..

Campus is big and ya green bt temperature has taken a toll of public here. Its so hot n humid so much of sweat in 1 week almost equivalent to wat I had in last 25+ years.

Anyways prep classes chal rhi hain aur bole to lagi padi hai. Timings are:0900 to 1715hrs and then 2230 to 0300 hrs, so quite a packed up schedule. Got to go now, feeling too much sweaty though seating in JLT lawn bt no breeze.

Friday, 29 May 2009

...last day @ INFY..

I will not be having a job from tomorrow as Today is my last day in Infosys. About 3 yrs back on 17th July ’06, I started my dream journey with lots of determination, aspirations and enthu.
My training went perfectly well and those days were one of the best part of my life, can never forget those; total masti and fun. Playing Counter strike late nights was one of the best soother during hectic training times but all good things end at some point of time and training period ended after a 4 and a half months. I got a good rating in it; 4.95 out of 5. My confidence was sky high and everything seemed to be in perfect place. But due to some luck factor or wat, dint get good projects and my technical career was at stake but fortunately I got through XL and now will start a new journey.

But one thing is sure, Infy is one of the best place to work in, lots of events, functions happen.other than just work,.ample opportunities for one to develop his/her personalityand also pursue various hobbies. I will definitely miss the place.
God bless INFY…………

Wednesday, 27 May 2009 practice.....

Things were going at normal pace. I was now well settled in a new city, college was as usual.wonderful and exciting. One day we came to know that the most important thing a first year student of a college vies for, a FRESHERS’ party, would be given in near future.
Freshers' Party means end of all restrictions, no 3rd green button, no tie, no 90 degrees salute to seniors and above all no fear of mobility, we can roam anywhere, anytime without hesitation. Its something like a legal stamp from seniors wherein they allow juniors to live their life normally.
I along with Minku, Pinku and few others was performing a dance number in fresher. Day time we used to practice in college but as the d-day approached,we started practicing at my room also.
Addy boss was helping us so we used to call him also. One fine day, he called one another group owing to enough space in the house. There were a few girls in the group so we put our practice on halt and were watching them perform. I asked Addy boss .if there is any vacancy for me in that group and he told me to try next time. :( There were around 20-25 people in the house, some practicing in our room, some in open hall and some were mere spectators. In small cities, life comes to a halt at around 8 in evening and when its already 9.30 pm and your neighborhood is making noise of all types then definitely a point of concern is there. So a few elderly ladies came out of their home and started chit chat and little eavesdropping allowed me to hear that they were thinking of calling my landlord and it gave me goosebumps. I called Rinku and told him to go downstairs and make the oldies calm down but he denied doing so.

Practice continued till 10 pm in night and almost every neighbor was peeping inside our room. Though aunties dint call our landlord but they swear to do it in near future. It was such an embarrassing situation in front of all. Minku stayed with us that day and as we were about to sleep there was heavy bang on the door at the ground floor. I checked the time, it was around 11pm.
"Who is thumping the door at this odd hour" Minku was curious too know.
Even I was a bit terrified because landlords were not there and what if a thief or some burglar was trying to break in. Minku without hesitation went downstairs and shouted on the person and in the spur of moment he opened the gate and that person grabbed the collar of Minku
“Romi.....Romi” Minku screamed like anything.
I went downstairs and tried to free Minku from his hold but ended up in throwing myself in his grip.
"kisne kaha tha gate kholne k liye" I shrieked at Minku.
That person was heavily drunk and started yelling & cursing us. By this time the complete locality came out for watching the melodrama and may be were waiting for some action scenes as no body came to rescue us, it was as if everyone wanted to do the same that old man was doing:( and then after sometime one of our neighbor came and took that person with him. At first, I was surprised and shocked as I couldn’t find any reason that why he vented his anger. After half an hr, the same person who helped us came and explained the situation. The problem came because of the dance practice. He told us not to practice here else this issue could crop up again.
But I was still amazed, a group of teenagers dancing is not supposed to be a good thing but is it justified that a 50+ person comes drunk and shouts foul at the peak of his voice? I don’t know what had gone through his mind when he was doing that nuisance. Later on we came to know that he was one of the most respected person in the society. Wow!!! if the most respected person was upto something of that sort what can be said for the rest. I think it’s the mentality and your sense of looking at things matters all other things are just immaterial.You might be thinking that where were Raju and Rinku that night.
Ohh!! they were sleeping and when they sleep, they only SLEEP. :):)

Monday, 25 May 2009

first encounter..

Fun, masti, chit-chat, everything was there; the only thing missing were the studies part. Though all the lectures in college used to go house full but the real content, I afraid was going only in the minds of few. For me studies begins only when exams date-sheet has been finalized and this is how most of the engineers complete their degree. It was already a month and a half past, the bonding between seniors and us was strengthened more and also we people out there were a happy bunch of guys. During this period few more entered our den viz. Vishu, Pinku,Babu,Ganga,Nee and few more.Our group got bigger and better.

Weekends meant no college. So, we used to sleep a lot on Friday and Saturday’s nights. It was one of these Saturday night wherein my decision to sleep on terrace later on caused a major change in my life. It was around 9 on a beautiful Sunday morning. I was sleeping on the big water tank on our terrace and suddenly a few bunch of flies attacked my bare face. After struggling for a few minutes, I got up. I dizzily stepped down the 2.5 feet high tank and moved to the front end of the terrace. After making few ugly facial expressions, scratching almost every part of my body, made some terrible yawning sounds. But what I saw after that instantly brought me back from drowsiness and because of that incident now, as soon as I get up in morning, my battery gets charged.
A girl wearing a light blue salwar-suit with her hair swinging with the wind was gazing at me from the house just diagonal to me. It was the same lamp house WHAT???? She is her only. I mean the same STD girl, the same Parsvanath girl so is she the same girl whom I saw that black out night? All these things were making their presence felt in my head. She was looking perfectly beautiful; an epitome of beauty.

An element of shock and surprise gripped me but along with those I had the mixed feeling of excitement because of the fact that she is living next door. I smiled and passed some nice decent looks while coiffuring my hair but she gave me a poker faced reaction. I knew that this interaction was no less than a horror movie for her wherein I played the main protagonist horror character but still had to take some positives out of that. I stepped down from terrace and watched her from the window of my room. She was looking as fresh as a morning.
Rinku and Raju were still asleep and I dint bothered to disturb them. I was myself lost somewhere down the lane. I thought of going out to meet her and propose her for friendship. But somehow didn’t muster courage to do so.

Later that day, I tried to mimic the same horrified facial expression in front of mirror and gave a 10 on 10 for the perfect match to a horrendous character.

Friday, 22 May 2009

was it worth losing...???

It was a bright sunny day and a voluntary off from college. Sun was at its best though the monsoons had started knocking the doors of the state.but rains were not at all in sight :(:(

"Romi, its your turn to get lassi"Rinku lazily spoke from his bed.
"No buddy,lets go to parsvanath ice-cream parlor." I responded.
“Are u nuts??its too hot outside…” Raju shouted angrily
“Hey!! its ok, there it would be lot cooler and its only a matter of the few mins and we can get something really chilled out there”
"pehli baar tune akal ki baat kri hai” Rinku responded.
We hired an auto and went to Parsvanath. The place was full with people, we found a corner table and ordered for 3 pista milk.
“Aray yaar this is too cool. I can drink 12 at a time” Rinku replied proudly
“Aah Anyone can drink 12."
“Then I can drink 15” Rinku spoke delightfully.
“I bet u can’t drink.” It was my turn now.
“Let’s check it out then.” Rinku rejoiced.
“If I win u have to pay else I will pay for today as well as for the next one complete month” Rinku was beaming with confidence.
“I am on” and it started. 2…3….4…5…6….7…..8…9…10..
Meanwhile Raju and I had 4 each and were full by that time and then there entered a group of 4-5 girls wearing apron. It seems they were medicos. While Rinku was having his 11th, we were looking at our may be future prospects. :)
“Raju! there is too much to study for medicos” I intentionally pitched my voice high to catch their attention. “How they manage it yaar, its very tough”
Raju was looking at Rinku and laughing without giving any heed to my noble thoughts. Rinku’s condition was totally pathetic. I could easily see the trauma he was undergoing. While I was lost in my day dreams, Raju’s scream brought me back.
“Rinku..only one left, come on man, u can drink it.”
What?? did he really. Just 5 mins. back he was struggling with 11th and there he went with supposedly the 15th, in one go.
Chal be pay the bill and get ready for 1 month slaughter”Rinku proudly announced putting the last bottle with a thump on the table which caught attention of the girls. I was dumbfounded as I had not thought that Rinku will be such a tank but as per the bet I need to pay.
"Hey I have only 100 bucks left with me, u guys contribute for now"
“We don’t have a single penny.”
“WHAT??? It’s not a good time to crack jokes.”
The future would be prospects were looking from the next table and cracking jokes and obviously it was on us only may be they got to know about our situation.
“Call the bosses, they will help us” Raju asked.
“No way!We already had a session at railway platform. We only have to do something” I replied
bhaisahab, u take cash or credit facility is also there”
Raju and Rinku were laughing insanely at me because it was me who was responsible for this situation and obviously they were not to blame. My last hope crashed and now I was assuming myself washing glasses and cleaning tables for rest of the day and getting a meager tip from those girls. At that moment, a girl entered and joined the girls next table and very soon she was also laughing at us or rather me.:(
“Hey! I have seen her but was not able to recognize when and where..”
“Romi! What are you up to, pay and lets move.”Raju shouted sheepishly.
I went to the shopkeeper and explained him the situation. He started laughing and said “Go ahead boy, pay the rest next time. You seems to be a nice bunch of guys, no need to panic.” I was stunned. “Thanks Uncle”.I shouted with excitement.

It was a Kodak moment for Raju's and Rinku’s expressionless faces. BINGO!!!this girl is the same whom I had seen at the STD shop. So she seems to be a medico.ahem!! Would be having lots of attitude, I whispered but both dint pay any attention. Ohh!! If I would have called seniors then they would have butchered me for this nonsense thing in front of her. But to be frank, she had some spark in her eyes and that might have made seniors to talk about her. For me, it was my second seemingly encounter. But the worst was yet to come, no money, heat that would roast you and a 3 km walk to the room means(do u think there is any meaning for that). We walked, walked and walked and on the way, I was feeling so humble for the generosity shown by the shop-owner and also embarrassing coz of the feeling that what those girls would have been thinking. But I still had serious doubts on the no. of bottles which Rinku drank that day. Was it some sort of trick played by Raju and Rinku? But I had lost the bet and had to pay for all our trips to Parsvanath for one complete month. :(:(
That was the last bet which I lost till date in my life b'coz now I don’t bet anymore :):)

Monday, 18 May 2009

a lesson learnt....

Hey! I forgot to mention my first day at college and a day which taught me something invaluable, unforgettable. It was 18th August 2002, my first official college day. I , Raju and Minku decided to go college together with Chaube boss so that we can save us from ragging. I was struggling with my hair, Chaube boss arrived at our room and had to leave my struggle in between.
Chaube boss escorted us to our respective rooms. My first lecture was of Machine Drawing and after a formal introduction of everyone, the proceedings started and then
“Excuse me Sir! Is this CSE batch??”a fair, slim girl was standing at the gate asking the most obvious question on the first day of a college.
“No! It’s next to water cooler” lecturer replied promptly.
“Thanks”and there she went leaving most of the boys in room agape, stealing dozens of heart with her.
“Aah!! Dude, what a beauty!!! We should have been in CSE, what you say?” I asked person sitting next to me who was still looking outside the gate, lost.
“aaaa…..yes, yes.Can we opt now?” he exclaimed impatiently.
“What are you saying man. It was our choice to opt for ECE which is the best and now you want to go for CSE!!!! By the way, Romi this side”
“Hey! I am Sonu but you dint answer my query, can we??” and there we burst into laughter.
Sonu seemed to be fun loving, jovial person and for the complete period till lunch time, we discussed everything under the sun. We shared the same frequency band and it was very easy to get along.
“Hey buddy! let’s bunk rest of the lectures” Sonu asked to which I replied affirmatively as even for me, it was too tiring for the first day and we slipped from the back door. While we approached the main gate, we found someone from behind calling us. As we turned, it was such a horrible sight, 8-10 boys were standing and while one was calling us, two of them started approaching us. “Run Romi”Sonu shouted. Though I was taken by surprise, I too ran like anything and there was no looking back. We ran almost a km and a half and then stopped to catch our breath near a small hotel .to have some snacks.
“Four samosas aur do dew..fata-fat” Sonu ordered.
We took a corner table there we saw a bunch of boys. Two of them came and asked us for joining.
Sonu accepted and when they asked about our whereabouts, without giving a single thought he boasted “We are first year Engg. Students”as if we were the last two persons on this earth to opt for the same and his statement sealed our fate for the rest of day.
“Boys!! we have our juniors with us’one of them shouted.
“Let’s take them to room” other joined. By the law of SOMEONE, you have to obey your seniors and we did the same. We were taken to a nearby flat and there our session started. There were few more who joined our side .and many more who joined theirs. I was taken upstairs while Sonu was pushed to room at the ground floor. After having some normal sessions on the fav. subject of seniors, it was already quite late though they dint rag me much because I knew RP sir but still had some slaps straight on my face and when I came down, Sonu was nowhere in sight.I asked one of the senior standing there, instead of answering he started one more round of knowledge sharing with me. Another 30-40 mins. past and then Sonu came with a senior. His long hair were reduced to a mere 2 mm .Then they asked us to leave without giving any treat and told not to tell this to anyone else.
waise bhi, kuch baatein na batane mai sahi rehti hain” I thought while making a move. While ambling I asked Sonu about what happened to his hair.
“Array!!! It wud be my new hair style.”
“Hmm! so how was your first encounter with ragging” I asked.
“It was okay but these bull-**** people .and he stopped…..”
“Hey! what happened!!!!!”
“Romi have u been in love?”
“Now what is this, no yaar never and don’t want to be”
array yaar bahut dikkatein hoti hain, apne to single hi bhale but why are u asking such things” I asked curiously
kuch nahi bas aise hi. You now I had a girl friend but we split a few days back and those bloody seniors asked me about her and asked whether I did…..”I could see the tears rolling his cheeks.
“I still love her and have purest of my feelings for her, how can they be so mean? They are heartless and have no affinity towards their juniors. I don’t wanna live here, I will go”
I was shocked to see, someone of Sonu’s stature, full of humour, vibrant, fun-loving; crying like anything but that night taught me the most important lesson of my life LOVE can make anyone in this world CRY!! and things did cross my way, in future.

Friday, 15 May 2009

7....the number

Life was moving at its own pace and me too was enjoying every bit of it. One fine day, my landlord and landlady went to visit their daughter’s house in a different city and they left the house under our custodian. It meant party time as no restrictions on anything, we can do whatever we feel like, no one was there to stop us. So we 5 idiots decided to maximize the fun and Minku and Sunny too came at my room and one complete week went rocking. One fine night, it was around 12.30 am when suddenly Minku thought of a stupid idea.
"Dudes’ let’s go for outing and have tea"
Array o’ crazy fellow, just keep your idiotic ideas with you only and let me copy the chemistry practical. It’s been very difficult to get practical notebook from that arrogant chap”I replied without delay but Rinku, Sunny and Raju had already started to make a move
“Come on man!!! We will have fun” Sunny replied
“But who will take care of home and where will we get tea at this hour???” I asked
“Don’t ask nonsense things, we don’t have time for that!!!!”Raju spoke shrewdly
I was trying my best to stop these guys but Rinku’s mind was cooking something else and obviously not the tea. “Guys !!!! We will go to railway station there we can easily find a chaiiwallah. It wud be amazing at this point of time, sipping tea and enjoying the platform scene with whistles of train blowing off our head”
“What the **** array o’ philosopher. Tera fuse udd gaya hai kya? Man!! we can’t go to railway station at this odd hour.” I shouted
Sunny as always jumped in between, “We will hire an auto” and all of my efforts went in vain.
We found an auto who charged very NOMINAL 100 bucks for a 3 km journey. For the whole route, I was cursing Minku for popping up such a useless thought. We reached station and went to platform number 7. Reason, it was Rinku’s luckiest number. There we had two rounds of tea and some snacks. Time just flew off and it was already 3 am. We had spent more than two hrs, I have never spent this much of time on a platform even while waiting for a train but to be true, it was fun and adventurous :). It was time to go back now.7….6....5….4…3…2…1, main gate.
“Ticket” a person in black coat queried.
“We are not coming from somewhere, we just came for having tea” Minku replied thoughtlessly.
“Ohh!!! then you should have platform tickets” Mr. Black coat shouted.
We all five looked at each other and in the excitement of having tea, we forgot to buy platform tickets. Now what, Will he heavily fine us? but we don’t have enough cash. Will he put us in jail?No!!We are so innocent looking. Will he call our parents?
aray minkude, marwa dia tune aaj, I uttered silently
bete! if you dont have platform tickets. You will be fined.”
“No uncle, we don't have. Sorry, We will buy from next time.”
“Ok! Buy next time but for now you have to pay the fine”
“If we don’t give then ” Sunny replied furiously.
“Nothing much atleast a night in jail.”
JAIL..Noooo. What would happen if he did so, our career will be devastated. We will be defamed in college, society, block and parents. What will we tell them? My mind went full of these thoughts.
“Sunny be quiet!!!!” I shouted at peak of my voice and then one more irrational thought from someone “Let’s run!!!!” Ohh!! We are gone today. God please save us and I think, he listened to our prayers.

Aray Sharma ji .leave the boys. Why are you scaring them? apne hi bachche hain”someone from behind spoke.
“They are freshers, let them enjoy”another voice came from back. Both of the voices were sounding familiar.
“Who are they helping us at this point when our reputation and career is at stake?” And then as always Minku started grinning, what a stupidity, was my first thought and then Raju, Sunny and Rinku too joined him. I thought I am in some insane world full of foolish and crazy people but when I looked behind, I found a group of 6-7 young boys standing and among them, were our two rescuers, chaube bhaiya and addy bhaiya.
“lets move guys’ told chaube bhaiya to us.
“Sharma ji, do take care next time, these are our juniors” Addy bhaiya reminded him.
“Ok!!! Addy don’t u worry”Mr black coat alias Sharma ji responded.
As soon as we got out of railway station. We had a class of 15 mins from bhaiya duo because of our carelessness and then we returned to our habitat with a smile on our faces. It was already dawn which had started to break and the twilight was looking very soothing and calm. I still sometimes think had both those guys had not come to our aid, what would have happened to 5 of us that night but one thing still remains, 7; Rinku’s luckiest number which he kept on repeating for next four years till we were together. And I too felt, that day it was 7, the number which saved us!!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

new arrivals

It was already more than 10 days since the blackout in our block, days passed out very quickly partly bcos of some hefty assignments and partly in exploring the city. I had totally forgotten about that night incident when someone was trying to compete with the door, now I was more concerned on the girls in my college. It’s said “ a bird in hand is better than two in bush”, so was checking on the most probable ones. I also met Minku and Sunny, and now we were a bunch of 5 idiots who were also living nearby as there was no hostel facility in our college and hence life was full of masti and dhamaal. In first 15 -20 days, we all had made a list of girls on whom each one of us will have a go but most pathetic thing was most of them were common in our lists.

Now here entered our super senior, Mr chaube and with his years of experience, he managed somehow to struck a deal among us and then it was a round robin with a common answer, a big “NO”, with a little success to RAJU who managed to get the number of one batchmate. It was the Friday night and there was no college for next two days and after going through a long phase of dejection and rejections. I along with AKS and Raju decided to spend the night (please bear positive thoughts) with Minku and Sunny both of them were living with Chaube boss. It was a fun filled nite, we were ragged but it was such a friendly ragging, so no regrets. We discussed at length about our past life and then tea at 3 am in morning was the best part courtesy chaube boss and then some more chit-chat and then a sound sleep with songs from movie Jism playing on the comp.

Next morning, we went to a nearby dhaba for having some tea and snacks. Then me and chaube boss stopped at an STD shop and there he introduced me to one more senior, Addy boss. He was also living with chaube ji but last night, he had some other commitments so dint turn up to the room and then suddenly there was some hush. A girl of around 18-20 yrs., fair, slim came to STD shop for getting her phone recharged and there was some eye talks between addy boss and chaube boss. Ohh!!! same stuff, we also do, when we see any good looking girl but I admit she was the most beautiful girl, I saw in that city till the time I stayed there. Though she left but the duo were still eyeing her and then we all headed towards our rooms. The boss duo was still chit-chatting and I hope it was related to her only. AKS, Raju and me headed back to our original room….4**67.

The STD shop had started a beginning and soon there will be lots happening in my life due to it.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

pages from the diary!!

It was a summer's night. I was mending my ways with pencil and drafter on a white sheet, a third of my size and suddenly, with a sudden stroke and explosion, there was a power cut. After having a round or two of curses to the electricity deptt.(I was accompanied by my roomies in this noble gesture). I thought of putting my important work on a halt and it being a Saturday night,was not that much worried about the work. We were first year engineering students in the very first month of our 4 yr. course of journey.

I along with Rinku went to the terrace just to pass the time till power strikes back.:)
Owing to less pollution in the city, the sky was ablaze with zillion of stars and each was trying to prove its identity, wind was a lil chilled out and it's such a soothing factor in places near deserts, so we were sort of enjoying the time.

Rinku asked me to take a candle but I refused. I told him to enjoy the brightness of the natural light and then there was a sound of opening of a door and I saw an elderly lady entering the terrace of house opposite ours with a lamp. She unfolded a cot in the open and sat on it.
Rinku as usual was lost in the thoughts the moment I told him about the beauty of the sky in a power cut area.

The lady yelled..."guddu...guddu....uppar aaja, achi hawa chl rhi hai". Guddu is also my cousin bro's name so I thought it would be her son and then suddenly someone patted on my back and I just missed falling from the terrace by an inch or so, as Rinku came out of his stupid imaginations at the right time for my rescue. So I owe this life to Rinku, kidding, by the way it was Raju who just tried his best to put me in the league of LATES. Then cell started giving some familiar ring tone and it was 'HOME' calling. I went downstairs in the room to have a talk.

The lamp was often catching my attention from the windows of my room and there were two human figures, sort of chit-chatting. I dint pay much attention but there was something else related for me in near future of which I had no idea. After having a chat with my parents and bro, I went upstairs again. Raju and Rinku were lost somewhere in sky, courtesy Rinku, he is a philosopher planning big to become an engineer. I brought them back from their wild imaginations and also to our rescue LIGHT God, I mean electricity department had done a good job to get the power in our block back.

While I was leaving, I saw someone struggling to close the gate on the terrace of same old lady house with the lamp in her one hand it looked like a girlish figure with hair swaying with the wind I was not able to see her face may be I just missed by a few seconds. Had I not tried to bring those two idiots back to real world, I would have seen her properly but nevertheless one soother was that she is living just opposite so I can see her some other time. It was already 12.30 pm..went to sleep as next day, I need to meet RP sir and have to finish that artistic sketching on sheet. Sometimes I feel why all these stupid things have to be done by me.

But there were more stupid things which I did and never thought of in my wilder imaginations!!

Friday, 8 May 2009

with each passing day..

well!!! it was a tiring week even after getting the BENCH code. I hav been wrking for long hours.
BENCH has a special significance in IT nomenclature, it means in good tym not lik dese tym of recession, u have a honeymoon period and u can njy.relaxxx..chillaxx. do watever u want and take the salary.
bt in tyms likes of present, its just another thing which causes nightmares, u have to get rid of it asap to save ur 's'..
well wil nt xplain in much detail, its so boring.
Wathcing IPL matches was the only hapng thing which occured dis week and with RAJ ROYALS cruising their way towards victory gave a thumping relief and wid all those gorgeous, scandily clad CL, its yet another bonanza. I smtym imagine y dey have been given the name CHEER LEADER and den imaginations leads to all othr dimensions, so forget it neways. A pig by some other name wud smell the same.(applicable for pigs roaming in streets of the biggest democracy.lolzzzzzzz). waise pigs remind of me of latest hapng in world, a new pandemic; swine flu euphemistically known as sm H1N1, is causing havoc in infected countries and problems to other countries where the infected one are visiting or planning to visit. neways dis will continue. no end to these type of things and no end of discussions on these.

its the time to pack the bags me feelin' hungry..these blog are a way for me to improve my writing as i promised in my first blog..sooner u will find some gud ones coming ur way.......

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

times are changing..

well!!!! it wud be a tyro beginning, for i hope sooner i wud become a maestro of blogging. I have loads n loads of things to share bt today being my first date with this blogging art I wud not write much bt ya will introduce myself.

I am presently working as a SE for a global firm based in INDIA.
wrking since last 3 yrs. approx bt by the end of this month, I will be leaving the company.
i am gng for my higher studies for my dream course; MBA.

I am going to INDIA's one of finest B-school..which to be very frank, had never thot of bt it happens in lyf, smtym u have to curse ur luck and othr tyms u have to praise it.
so after a long period of cursing nw i have achieved smthing.

2yrs. from nw and things wil b different. well dats it for today.
gtg. IPL match is waiting for me. :P
will keep posting..with my life updates and also smthng which i have in store wid me....!!!