Wednesday, 6 May 2009

times are changing..

well!!!! it wud be a tyro beginning, for i hope sooner i wud become a maestro of blogging. I have loads n loads of things to share bt today being my first date with this blogging art I wud not write much bt ya will introduce myself.

I am presently working as a SE for a global firm based in INDIA.
wrking since last 3 yrs. approx bt by the end of this month, I will be leaving the company.
i am gng for my higher studies for my dream course; MBA.

I am going to INDIA's one of finest B-school..which to be very frank, had never thot of bt it happens in lyf, smtym u have to curse ur luck and othr tyms u have to praise it.
so after a long period of cursing nw i have achieved smthing.

2yrs. from nw and things wil b different. well dats it for today.
gtg. IPL match is waiting for me. :P
will keep posting..with my life updates and also smthng which i have in store wid me....!!!

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