Monday, 25 May 2009

first encounter..

Fun, masti, chit-chat, everything was there; the only thing missing were the studies part. Though all the lectures in college used to go house full but the real content, I afraid was going only in the minds of few. For me studies begins only when exams date-sheet has been finalized and this is how most of the engineers complete their degree. It was already a month and a half past, the bonding between seniors and us was strengthened more and also we people out there were a happy bunch of guys. During this period few more entered our den viz. Vishu, Pinku,Babu,Ganga,Nee and few more.Our group got bigger and better.

Weekends meant no college. So, we used to sleep a lot on Friday and Saturday’s nights. It was one of these Saturday night wherein my decision to sleep on terrace later on caused a major change in my life. It was around 9 on a beautiful Sunday morning. I was sleeping on the big water tank on our terrace and suddenly a few bunch of flies attacked my bare face. After struggling for a few minutes, I got up. I dizzily stepped down the 2.5 feet high tank and moved to the front end of the terrace. After making few ugly facial expressions, scratching almost every part of my body, made some terrible yawning sounds. But what I saw after that instantly brought me back from drowsiness and because of that incident now, as soon as I get up in morning, my battery gets charged.
A girl wearing a light blue salwar-suit with her hair swinging with the wind was gazing at me from the house just diagonal to me. It was the same lamp house WHAT???? She is her only. I mean the same STD girl, the same Parsvanath girl so is she the same girl whom I saw that black out night? All these things were making their presence felt in my head. She was looking perfectly beautiful; an epitome of beauty.

An element of shock and surprise gripped me but along with those I had the mixed feeling of excitement because of the fact that she is living next door. I smiled and passed some nice decent looks while coiffuring my hair but she gave me a poker faced reaction. I knew that this interaction was no less than a horror movie for her wherein I played the main protagonist horror character but still had to take some positives out of that. I stepped down from terrace and watched her from the window of my room. She was looking as fresh as a morning.
Rinku and Raju were still asleep and I dint bothered to disturb them. I was myself lost somewhere down the lane. I thought of going out to meet her and propose her for friendship. But somehow didn’t muster courage to do so.

Later that day, I tried to mimic the same horrified facial expression in front of mirror and gave a 10 on 10 for the perfect match to a horrendous character.

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  1. Mast kahaaniyaan banaa rahaa hai saalaa chaman !! Go on man ...