Wednesday, 27 May 2009 practice.....

Things were going at normal pace. I was now well settled in a new city, college was as usual.wonderful and exciting. One day we came to know that the most important thing a first year student of a college vies for, a FRESHERS’ party, would be given in near future.
Freshers' Party means end of all restrictions, no 3rd green button, no tie, no 90 degrees salute to seniors and above all no fear of mobility, we can roam anywhere, anytime without hesitation. Its something like a legal stamp from seniors wherein they allow juniors to live their life normally.
I along with Minku, Pinku and few others was performing a dance number in fresher. Day time we used to practice in college but as the d-day approached,we started practicing at my room also.
Addy boss was helping us so we used to call him also. One fine day, he called one another group owing to enough space in the house. There were a few girls in the group so we put our practice on halt and were watching them perform. I asked Addy boss .if there is any vacancy for me in that group and he told me to try next time. :( There were around 20-25 people in the house, some practicing in our room, some in open hall and some were mere spectators. In small cities, life comes to a halt at around 8 in evening and when its already 9.30 pm and your neighborhood is making noise of all types then definitely a point of concern is there. So a few elderly ladies came out of their home and started chit chat and little eavesdropping allowed me to hear that they were thinking of calling my landlord and it gave me goosebumps. I called Rinku and told him to go downstairs and make the oldies calm down but he denied doing so.

Practice continued till 10 pm in night and almost every neighbor was peeping inside our room. Though aunties dint call our landlord but they swear to do it in near future. It was such an embarrassing situation in front of all. Minku stayed with us that day and as we were about to sleep there was heavy bang on the door at the ground floor. I checked the time, it was around 11pm.
"Who is thumping the door at this odd hour" Minku was curious too know.
Even I was a bit terrified because landlords were not there and what if a thief or some burglar was trying to break in. Minku without hesitation went downstairs and shouted on the person and in the spur of moment he opened the gate and that person grabbed the collar of Minku
“Romi.....Romi” Minku screamed like anything.
I went downstairs and tried to free Minku from his hold but ended up in throwing myself in his grip.
"kisne kaha tha gate kholne k liye" I shrieked at Minku.
That person was heavily drunk and started yelling & cursing us. By this time the complete locality came out for watching the melodrama and may be were waiting for some action scenes as no body came to rescue us, it was as if everyone wanted to do the same that old man was doing:( and then after sometime one of our neighbor came and took that person with him. At first, I was surprised and shocked as I couldn’t find any reason that why he vented his anger. After half an hr, the same person who helped us came and explained the situation. The problem came because of the dance practice. He told us not to practice here else this issue could crop up again.
But I was still amazed, a group of teenagers dancing is not supposed to be a good thing but is it justified that a 50+ person comes drunk and shouts foul at the peak of his voice? I don’t know what had gone through his mind when he was doing that nuisance. Later on we came to know that he was one of the most respected person in the society. Wow!!! if the most respected person was upto something of that sort what can be said for the rest. I think it’s the mentality and your sense of looking at things matters all other things are just immaterial.You might be thinking that where were Raju and Rinku that night.
Ohh!! they were sleeping and when they sleep, they only SLEEP. :):)

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