Friday, 22 May 2009

was it worth losing...???

It was a bright sunny day and a voluntary off from college. Sun was at its best though the monsoons had started knocking the doors of the state.but rains were not at all in sight :(:(

"Romi, its your turn to get lassi"Rinku lazily spoke from his bed.
"No buddy,lets go to parsvanath ice-cream parlor." I responded.
“Are u nuts??its too hot outside…” Raju shouted angrily
“Hey!! its ok, there it would be lot cooler and its only a matter of the few mins and we can get something really chilled out there”
"pehli baar tune akal ki baat kri hai” Rinku responded.
We hired an auto and went to Parsvanath. The place was full with people, we found a corner table and ordered for 3 pista milk.
“Aray yaar this is too cool. I can drink 12 at a time” Rinku replied proudly
“Aah Anyone can drink 12."
“Then I can drink 15” Rinku spoke delightfully.
“I bet u can’t drink.” It was my turn now.
“Let’s check it out then.” Rinku rejoiced.
“If I win u have to pay else I will pay for today as well as for the next one complete month” Rinku was beaming with confidence.
“I am on” and it started. 2…3….4…5…6….7…..8…9…10..
Meanwhile Raju and I had 4 each and were full by that time and then there entered a group of 4-5 girls wearing apron. It seems they were medicos. While Rinku was having his 11th, we were looking at our may be future prospects. :)
“Raju! there is too much to study for medicos” I intentionally pitched my voice high to catch their attention. “How they manage it yaar, its very tough”
Raju was looking at Rinku and laughing without giving any heed to my noble thoughts. Rinku’s condition was totally pathetic. I could easily see the trauma he was undergoing. While I was lost in my day dreams, Raju’s scream brought me back.
“Rinku..only one left, come on man, u can drink it.”
What?? did he really. Just 5 mins. back he was struggling with 11th and there he went with supposedly the 15th, in one go.
Chal be pay the bill and get ready for 1 month slaughter”Rinku proudly announced putting the last bottle with a thump on the table which caught attention of the girls. I was dumbfounded as I had not thought that Rinku will be such a tank but as per the bet I need to pay.
"Hey I have only 100 bucks left with me, u guys contribute for now"
“We don’t have a single penny.”
“WHAT??? It’s not a good time to crack jokes.”
The future would be prospects were looking from the next table and cracking jokes and obviously it was on us only may be they got to know about our situation.
“Call the bosses, they will help us” Raju asked.
“No way!We already had a session at railway platform. We only have to do something” I replied
bhaisahab, u take cash or credit facility is also there”
Raju and Rinku were laughing insanely at me because it was me who was responsible for this situation and obviously they were not to blame. My last hope crashed and now I was assuming myself washing glasses and cleaning tables for rest of the day and getting a meager tip from those girls. At that moment, a girl entered and joined the girls next table and very soon she was also laughing at us or rather me.:(
“Hey! I have seen her but was not able to recognize when and where..”
“Romi! What are you up to, pay and lets move.”Raju shouted sheepishly.
I went to the shopkeeper and explained him the situation. He started laughing and said “Go ahead boy, pay the rest next time. You seems to be a nice bunch of guys, no need to panic.” I was stunned. “Thanks Uncle”.I shouted with excitement.

It was a Kodak moment for Raju's and Rinku’s expressionless faces. BINGO!!!this girl is the same whom I had seen at the STD shop. So she seems to be a medico.ahem!! Would be having lots of attitude, I whispered but both dint pay any attention. Ohh!! If I would have called seniors then they would have butchered me for this nonsense thing in front of her. But to be frank, she had some spark in her eyes and that might have made seniors to talk about her. For me, it was my second seemingly encounter. But the worst was yet to come, no money, heat that would roast you and a 3 km walk to the room means(do u think there is any meaning for that). We walked, walked and walked and on the way, I was feeling so humble for the generosity shown by the shop-owner and also embarrassing coz of the feeling that what those girls would have been thinking. But I still had serious doubts on the no. of bottles which Rinku drank that day. Was it some sort of trick played by Raju and Rinku? But I had lost the bet and had to pay for all our trips to Parsvanath for one complete month. :(:(
That was the last bet which I lost till date in my life b'coz now I don’t bet anymore :):)

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