Saturday, 27 June 2009

euphoric nite

It was d nite to remember, a nite where stars came down the earth in form of candles in the hands of seniors lining up on either sides of pavements and we the juniors, were walking with a sense of pride and achievement, don't know for wat.
this was yet another tym, I realized that I am in one of the best B-school of India, the tradition, the culture n all. AWESOME is no comparison and then buckets full of soapy water on us, drenching us from top to bottom and then snrs greeting us on joining XL, everywhere there was a sense of euphoria with snrs and jnrs, all being part of wats called as an XL culture.
then the DJ, I danced till 3 in morning with my back and neck aching but still the JAJBA of dancing the hell out was there, it was once in a lifetime thing and ya ofcourse, the one which u cant forget in ur entire lifetime.
XL rocks and so do WE !!!

Friday, 26 June 2009

a beginning

For the first time in my life, studying in the library and that too for topic which has not been taught, the subject which is too theoretical, strange for a person like me. I was getting bored with the subject so thot of writing something but now this wud be the scene for rest of the two years. Well to be very frank, the amount of studies I have not done in my last 20+ years, have to do in a few months:(:(
Day before yesterday, official classes for term-1 started and bang on the target were the curriculum which proffs gave, I am already getting nightmares and the irony is..u hardly get a sleep out here and that too gets filled with these horrible things, only GOD can help. Well they say, these thing will happen during the first term and after that u will be HABITUAL, crap. Anyways, I'm njying my stay here and hope after getting grades this euphoria continues and the bottom line for all is STUDY day and night out.

Friday, 19 June 2009

life kick start

its been abt a week of my stay in XL bt out of these 7 days, I found it hard to find even 7 ppl with whom I can hang around, its sometimes so lonely out here, I dnt knw weder its the case wid everyone or not bt I feel it. Though new acquaintances have been there. I guess in coming days, things will be better..

Campus is big and ya green bt temperature has taken a toll of public here. Its so hot n humid so much of sweat in 1 week almost equivalent to wat I had in last 25+ years.

Anyways prep classes chal rhi hain aur bole to lagi padi hai. Timings are:0900 to 1715hrs and then 2230 to 0300 hrs, so quite a packed up schedule. Got to go now, feeling too much sweaty though seating in JLT lawn bt no breeze.