Friday, 19 June 2009

life kick start

its been abt a week of my stay in XL bt out of these 7 days, I found it hard to find even 7 ppl with whom I can hang around, its sometimes so lonely out here, I dnt knw weder its the case wid everyone or not bt I feel it. Though new acquaintances have been there. I guess in coming days, things will be better..

Campus is big and ya green bt temperature has taken a toll of public here. Its so hot n humid so much of sweat in 1 week almost equivalent to wat I had in last 25+ years.

Anyways prep classes chal rhi hain aur bole to lagi padi hai. Timings are:0900 to 1715hrs and then 2230 to 0300 hrs, so quite a packed up schedule. Got to go now, feeling too much sweaty though seating in JLT lawn bt no breeze.

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