Saturday, 27 June 2009

euphoric nite

It was d nite to remember, a nite where stars came down the earth in form of candles in the hands of seniors lining up on either sides of pavements and we the juniors, were walking with a sense of pride and achievement, don't know for wat.
this was yet another tym, I realized that I am in one of the best B-school of India, the tradition, the culture n all. AWESOME is no comparison and then buckets full of soapy water on us, drenching us from top to bottom and then snrs greeting us on joining XL, everywhere there was a sense of euphoria with snrs and jnrs, all being part of wats called as an XL culture.
then the DJ, I danced till 3 in morning with my back and neck aching but still the JAJBA of dancing the hell out was there, it was once in a lifetime thing and ya ofcourse, the one which u cant forget in ur entire lifetime.
XL rocks and so do WE !!!

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