Saturday, 25 July 2009


Today, was the first nite out here in XL but obvious not for studies. Though I did prepare an OB related doc but not something great.

Yesterday, half of the day went sleeping, rest went in surfing, movie, .epic theatre, SOP for Dracula committee and BC, BC bole to baat-chit. Next week,two big events;mid-term quizzes for BFA and Eco. It reminds me of the fame XL song “Sabka Katega....” to be very sure, the makers of this song had real fore-sightedness.

Coming back to quizzes; Yes! they have more or less become an event, never scored marks with such an economical perspective. Max. so far is 55%, don’t know what is happening but something needs to be changed drastically otherwise..... :( Today and tomorrow would be deciding day regarding the status of preparation for the quizzes.Presently facing with a big dilemma whether I should sleep or not because it’s already 5.30 am. Its very tough sometimes to decide on sleeping part which is one of the cheapest commodity one can ever get. But one good thing is that I am slowly adjusting to the environment as in staying awake late at nights and waking up late on weekends.

Saturday, 18 July 2009


...deadline...hah; I never had a chance to meet it in my life, this time the case was of submitting marketing prj before 12 midnight yesterday or to be more specific maximum by 11:59:59pm.

As always we were way behind of schedule or euphemistically, schedule was running way ahead of us, there were some serious apprehensions whether we will be able to meet deadline or not, though I dint have any doubts because of my experience.:)
and then there was an announcement of GBM to be followed by selection of CRs. We decided not to go for GBM but to go and cast our vote for CR selection as voting karna bahut jaruri hai, issay hame ek acha CR milega, jo apni jimmedariyan imandaari se poori naitikta k saath apna kartavya nibhaega.
Anyways we went for voting at around 10.45pm and thought of returning JJHS(jitna jaldi ho sake. But the selection program was a long procedure so got a laptop for finishing the work on time and then things started. On one side, it was CR candidate speaking with active DCP by a few and on other side, Marketing prj. Bomber was still scribing something. By this time, a few batchmates got to knew about the status of our assignment and then it was like.15 mins left....10 mins.....5 mins...bomber still typing. 1 min to go and I totally went crazy.
Countdown started....50 sec......30 sec....10 sec....and then attachment button went missing. Oh mistake, was nowhere in sight..oh then somehow found it and then the digital wall clock behind us showed 12 midnight. Dude we missed deadline again.
it was at 12:00:12. ”Send” button was clicked. ohh thank god! atleast we sent...oh no!!!! The mail is still in outbox, this is going way too messy but to our relief, it took a few more seconds to move from “Outbox” to “Sent” folder.
After returning to room,I checked my mailbox and boy guess what!!! the mail arrived in my mailbox at 11:59pm., we were in time, sounds more like filmy but it’s true.....!!!!
The deadline bug struck us again but this time somehow we managed; keeping fingers, legs, hands crossed for next time......!!!!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

....NiraSAW.....but dint hear.....

NIRASAW was the name of our product for the Maxi Bazaar, worked like dogs, screwed up OB quiz, dint sleep for 2hrs. in last 2 days, shouted at the pick of our voices, ran in rain for almost 3 times; pushing, pulling, abusing for getting the space to advertise our product; got good places, were happy as a team, brain-stormed for catchy tag-lines, prepared countless charts, did everything which is required for winning and yes; we did. We came first out of 6 teams.

Adrenaline was running like anything, it was a moment of great achievement, fists punching in air, hugs all around, jumping, yelling and what not, truly glorifying moments. After all, we came first and would be getting a cash prize of 20,000 bucks..WOW!!! But good things end soon & in our case it was soonest as one of the senior announces that hamara kat chukka hai. There was no such event, seniors played a prank on us, don’t know what to say. It’s all happening by the name of culture. Seniors says that their seniors also did the same with them so bottom-line is that; the CULTURE continues....
But best part is that got to knew some more seniors and even they also helped us while doing this stuff so it was not that much painful, only point which is still giving me a tough time is OB quiz. If there would have been no Maxi, I could have done better. Anyways, this is XL where anything can happen anytime. Ohh yeah! by the way our product was a multi-purpose sound stopper.ranging from noise pollution, fart solution, DCP and... some words should not be written. Tomorrow will get QT’s numbers kuch to acha ho yaar....!!!

Sunday, 12 July 2009


Two days have passed and still not a quanta of prj wrk. Production proj can be taken care of but what to do in OB and CSE still a mystery. I am getting daymares, to add to misery have to submit some heavy analysis on marketing prj. Meetings, meetings, more meetings but no concrete output.

Its 2.30 am, was just surfing to look out for some inputs for OB, one of the deadliest weapons of 1st term but as the saying goes 'It’s hard to find a needle in hay', same is for OB, still struggling with dependent and independent variables, the irony is sometimes dependent is independent enough to be considered and the independent is too concerned with someone, oops sounds crazy so am I. Anyways, its sport weekend going on here, Seniors vs. Juniors, loads and loads of bullying, cursing, in one of the most prestigious “Ratanjee” event. Lots of drama but end result as scripted Seniors have to won, though they did play few events good:)

Oh! it’s high time to return to OB, hope to find something good enough to share with team, planning to go for a night out today, wishes to me, lolzz!!
Ending with a self made quote.
“if you want to succeed in OB!!!! :)”

Friday, 10 July 2009

a sigh of relief...

....its 4.30am, still awake but this time not for studies, just came after watching one of the finest movies of all times, Shawshank Redemption, a story which makes u believe that HOPE is the most important and now playing counter strike, to add-on, screwed up 3 quizzes in a row in last 3 days but still Hoping to bounce back, a typical B-school life.

Last 4-5 days went in full tension as I had 3 quizzes lined up including a surprise one of marketing. The scary thing was QT and Managerial Eco quiz, back to back on two days and mind it. Here aim was not to get good marks but to somehow pass. QT I mangaged a 50% and MGE was reduced to 40%, credit to my lack of knowledge on subjects concern. Anyways as I said earlier, riding on HOPE for next quizzes. Though next 3 days, no classes but this weekend I have to start working on my projects, umpteen of them.:(

Rest classes are as usual going, bouncers or deads(count in when I am sleeping in lectures) nothing much to write. Today Bodhi tree gave performance and asked juniors to come up with original songs, only 2-3 were good.:( I think I should have gone but as usual no zeal...:(
Anyways waiting for next time till then will prepare a good song!!!!


Thursday, 2 July 2009


yet another class of marketing, few more fundas or wat we call here as GYAAN and yet another session of illogical queries by fellas and this tym, I too was one of the protaganists..
study by XLers has revealed that to get rid of sleep in lectures, do ask illogical senseless things to proffs, its a sleep destroyer, also it gives u a chance to show DCP, Despo Class Participation.:):)
but good things never come cheap so dont be too despo that proff makes ur lyf miserable and u land up to an F, dont get me otherwise, this F is the grade.:)

anyways, studies is wat i am looking for next 3 days, my batchmates are too studious and to cope up, I too need to study otherwise if concept of relativity comes into picture. At later stages, I will be screwed up big tym.