Sunday, 12 July 2009


Two days have passed and still not a quanta of prj wrk. Production proj can be taken care of but what to do in OB and CSE still a mystery. I am getting daymares, to add to misery have to submit some heavy analysis on marketing prj. Meetings, meetings, more meetings but no concrete output.

Its 2.30 am, was just surfing to look out for some inputs for OB, one of the deadliest weapons of 1st term but as the saying goes 'It’s hard to find a needle in hay', same is for OB, still struggling with dependent and independent variables, the irony is sometimes dependent is independent enough to be considered and the independent is too concerned with someone, oops sounds crazy so am I. Anyways, its sport weekend going on here, Seniors vs. Juniors, loads and loads of bullying, cursing, in one of the most prestigious “Ratanjee” event. Lots of drama but end result as scripted Seniors have to won, though they did play few events good:)

Oh! it’s high time to return to OB, hope to find something good enough to share with team, planning to go for a night out today, wishes to me, lolzz!!
Ending with a self made quote.
“if you want to succeed in OB!!!! :)”