Thursday, 16 July 2009

....NiraSAW.....but dint hear.....

NIRASAW was the name of our product for the Maxi Bazaar, worked like dogs, screwed up OB quiz, dint sleep for 2hrs. in last 2 days, shouted at the pick of our voices, ran in rain for almost 3 times; pushing, pulling, abusing for getting the space to advertise our product; got good places, were happy as a team, brain-stormed for catchy tag-lines, prepared countless charts, did everything which is required for winning and yes; we did. We came first out of 6 teams.

Adrenaline was running like anything, it was a moment of great achievement, fists punching in air, hugs all around, jumping, yelling and what not, truly glorifying moments. After all, we came first and would be getting a cash prize of 20,000 bucks..WOW!!! But good things end soon & in our case it was soonest as one of the senior announces that hamara kat chukka hai. There was no such event, seniors played a prank on us, don’t know what to say. It’s all happening by the name of culture. Seniors says that their seniors also did the same with them so bottom-line is that; the CULTURE continues....
But best part is that got to knew some more seniors and even they also helped us while doing this stuff so it was not that much painful, only point which is still giving me a tough time is OB quiz. If there would have been no Maxi, I could have done better. Anyways, this is XL where anything can happen anytime. Ohh yeah! by the way our product was a multi-purpose sound stopper.ranging from noise pollution, fart solution, DCP and... some words should not be written. Tomorrow will get QT’s numbers kuch to acha ho yaar....!!!

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