Thursday, 2 July 2009


yet another class of marketing, few more fundas or wat we call here as GYAAN and yet another session of illogical queries by fellas and this tym, I too was one of the protaganists..
study by XLers has revealed that to get rid of sleep in lectures, do ask illogical senseless things to proffs, its a sleep destroyer, also it gives u a chance to show DCP, Despo Class Participation.:):)
but good things never come cheap so dont be too despo that proff makes ur lyf miserable and u land up to an F, dont get me otherwise, this F is the grade.:)

anyways, studies is wat i am looking for next 3 days, my batchmates are too studious and to cope up, I too need to study otherwise if concept of relativity comes into picture. At later stages, I will be screwed up big tym.

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