Friday, 29 May 2009

...last day @ INFY..

I will not be having a job from tomorrow as Today is my last day in Infosys. About 3 yrs back on 17th July ’06, I started my dream journey with lots of determination, aspirations and enthu.
My training went perfectly well and those days were one of the best part of my life, can never forget those; total masti and fun. Playing Counter strike late nights was one of the best soother during hectic training times but all good things end at some point of time and training period ended after a 4 and a half months. I got a good rating in it; 4.95 out of 5. My confidence was sky high and everything seemed to be in perfect place. But due to some luck factor or wat, dint get good projects and my technical career was at stake but fortunately I got through XL and now will start a new journey.

But one thing is sure, Infy is one of the best place to work in, lots of events, functions happen.other than just work,.ample opportunities for one to develop his/her personalityand also pursue various hobbies. I will definitely miss the place.
God bless INFY…………

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