Monday, 18 May 2009

a lesson learnt....

Hey! I forgot to mention my first day at college and a day which taught me something invaluable, unforgettable. It was 18th August 2002, my first official college day. I , Raju and Minku decided to go college together with Chaube boss so that we can save us from ragging. I was struggling with my hair, Chaube boss arrived at our room and had to leave my struggle in between.
Chaube boss escorted us to our respective rooms. My first lecture was of Machine Drawing and after a formal introduction of everyone, the proceedings started and then
“Excuse me Sir! Is this CSE batch??”a fair, slim girl was standing at the gate asking the most obvious question on the first day of a college.
“No! It’s next to water cooler” lecturer replied promptly.
“Thanks”and there she went leaving most of the boys in room agape, stealing dozens of heart with her.
“Aah!! Dude, what a beauty!!! We should have been in CSE, what you say?” I asked person sitting next to me who was still looking outside the gate, lost.
“aaaa…..yes, yes.Can we opt now?” he exclaimed impatiently.
“What are you saying man. It was our choice to opt for ECE which is the best and now you want to go for CSE!!!! By the way, Romi this side”
“Hey! I am Sonu but you dint answer my query, can we??” and there we burst into laughter.
Sonu seemed to be fun loving, jovial person and for the complete period till lunch time, we discussed everything under the sun. We shared the same frequency band and it was very easy to get along.
“Hey buddy! let’s bunk rest of the lectures” Sonu asked to which I replied affirmatively as even for me, it was too tiring for the first day and we slipped from the back door. While we approached the main gate, we found someone from behind calling us. As we turned, it was such a horrible sight, 8-10 boys were standing and while one was calling us, two of them started approaching us. “Run Romi”Sonu shouted. Though I was taken by surprise, I too ran like anything and there was no looking back. We ran almost a km and a half and then stopped to catch our breath near a small hotel .to have some snacks.
“Four samosas aur do dew..fata-fat” Sonu ordered.
We took a corner table there we saw a bunch of boys. Two of them came and asked us for joining.
Sonu accepted and when they asked about our whereabouts, without giving a single thought he boasted “We are first year Engg. Students”as if we were the last two persons on this earth to opt for the same and his statement sealed our fate for the rest of day.
“Boys!! we have our juniors with us’one of them shouted.
“Let’s take them to room” other joined. By the law of SOMEONE, you have to obey your seniors and we did the same. We were taken to a nearby flat and there our session started. There were few more who joined our side .and many more who joined theirs. I was taken upstairs while Sonu was pushed to room at the ground floor. After having some normal sessions on the fav. subject of seniors, it was already quite late though they dint rag me much because I knew RP sir but still had some slaps straight on my face and when I came down, Sonu was nowhere in sight.I asked one of the senior standing there, instead of answering he started one more round of knowledge sharing with me. Another 30-40 mins. past and then Sonu came with a senior. His long hair were reduced to a mere 2 mm .Then they asked us to leave without giving any treat and told not to tell this to anyone else.
waise bhi, kuch baatein na batane mai sahi rehti hain” I thought while making a move. While ambling I asked Sonu about what happened to his hair.
“Array!!! It wud be my new hair style.”
“Hmm! so how was your first encounter with ragging” I asked.
“It was okay but these bull-**** people .and he stopped…..”
“Hey! what happened!!!!!”
“Romi have u been in love?”
“Now what is this, no yaar never and don’t want to be”
array yaar bahut dikkatein hoti hain, apne to single hi bhale but why are u asking such things” I asked curiously
kuch nahi bas aise hi. You now I had a girl friend but we split a few days back and those bloody seniors asked me about her and asked whether I did…..”I could see the tears rolling his cheeks.
“I still love her and have purest of my feelings for her, how can they be so mean? They are heartless and have no affinity towards their juniors. I don’t wanna live here, I will go”
I was shocked to see, someone of Sonu’s stature, full of humour, vibrant, fun-loving; crying like anything but that night taught me the most important lesson of my life LOVE can make anyone in this world CRY!! and things did cross my way, in future.

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