Wednesday, 13 May 2009

pages from the diary!!

It was a summer's night. I was mending my ways with pencil and drafter on a white sheet, a third of my size and suddenly, with a sudden stroke and explosion, there was a power cut. After having a round or two of curses to the electricity deptt.(I was accompanied by my roomies in this noble gesture). I thought of putting my important work on a halt and it being a Saturday night,was not that much worried about the work. We were first year engineering students in the very first month of our 4 yr. course of journey.

I along with Rinku went to the terrace just to pass the time till power strikes back.:)
Owing to less pollution in the city, the sky was ablaze with zillion of stars and each was trying to prove its identity, wind was a lil chilled out and it's such a soothing factor in places near deserts, so we were sort of enjoying the time.

Rinku asked me to take a candle but I refused. I told him to enjoy the brightness of the natural light and then there was a sound of opening of a door and I saw an elderly lady entering the terrace of house opposite ours with a lamp. She unfolded a cot in the open and sat on it.
Rinku as usual was lost in the thoughts the moment I told him about the beauty of the sky in a power cut area.

The lady yelled..."guddu...guddu....uppar aaja, achi hawa chl rhi hai". Guddu is also my cousin bro's name so I thought it would be her son and then suddenly someone patted on my back and I just missed falling from the terrace by an inch or so, as Rinku came out of his stupid imaginations at the right time for my rescue. So I owe this life to Rinku, kidding, by the way it was Raju who just tried his best to put me in the league of LATES. Then cell started giving some familiar ring tone and it was 'HOME' calling. I went downstairs in the room to have a talk.

The lamp was often catching my attention from the windows of my room and there were two human figures, sort of chit-chatting. I dint pay much attention but there was something else related for me in near future of which I had no idea. After having a chat with my parents and bro, I went upstairs again. Raju and Rinku were lost somewhere in sky, courtesy Rinku, he is a philosopher planning big to become an engineer. I brought them back from their wild imaginations and also to our rescue LIGHT God, I mean electricity department had done a good job to get the power in our block back.

While I was leaving, I saw someone struggling to close the gate on the terrace of same old lady house with the lamp in her one hand it looked like a girlish figure with hair swaying with the wind I was not able to see her face may be I just missed by a few seconds. Had I not tried to bring those two idiots back to real world, I would have seen her properly but nevertheless one soother was that she is living just opposite so I can see her some other time. It was already 12.30 pm..went to sleep as next day, I need to meet RP sir and have to finish that artistic sketching on sheet. Sometimes I feel why all these stupid things have to be done by me.

But there were more stupid things which I did and never thought of in my wilder imaginations!!

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