Friday, 8 May 2009

with each passing day..

well!!! it was a tiring week even after getting the BENCH code. I hav been wrking for long hours.
BENCH has a special significance in IT nomenclature, it means in good tym not lik dese tym of recession, u have a honeymoon period and u can njy.relaxxx..chillaxx. do watever u want and take the salary.
bt in tyms likes of present, its just another thing which causes nightmares, u have to get rid of it asap to save ur 's'..
well wil nt xplain in much detail, its so boring.
Wathcing IPL matches was the only hapng thing which occured dis week and with RAJ ROYALS cruising their way towards victory gave a thumping relief and wid all those gorgeous, scandily clad CL, its yet another bonanza. I smtym imagine y dey have been given the name CHEER LEADER and den imaginations leads to all othr dimensions, so forget it neways. A pig by some other name wud smell the same.(applicable for pigs roaming in streets of the biggest democracy.lolzzzzzzz). waise pigs remind of me of latest hapng in world, a new pandemic; swine flu euphemistically known as sm H1N1, is causing havoc in infected countries and problems to other countries where the infected one are visiting or planning to visit. neways dis will continue. no end to these type of things and no end of discussions on these.

its the time to pack the bags me feelin' hungry..these blog are a way for me to improve my writing as i promised in my first blog..sooner u will find some gud ones coming ur way.......

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