Friday, 15 May 2009

7....the number

Life was moving at its own pace and me too was enjoying every bit of it. One fine day, my landlord and landlady went to visit their daughter’s house in a different city and they left the house under our custodian. It meant party time as no restrictions on anything, we can do whatever we feel like, no one was there to stop us. So we 5 idiots decided to maximize the fun and Minku and Sunny too came at my room and one complete week went rocking. One fine night, it was around 12.30 am when suddenly Minku thought of a stupid idea.
"Dudes’ let’s go for outing and have tea"
Array o’ crazy fellow, just keep your idiotic ideas with you only and let me copy the chemistry practical. It’s been very difficult to get practical notebook from that arrogant chap”I replied without delay but Rinku, Sunny and Raju had already started to make a move
“Come on man!!! We will have fun” Sunny replied
“But who will take care of home and where will we get tea at this hour???” I asked
“Don’t ask nonsense things, we don’t have time for that!!!!”Raju spoke shrewdly
I was trying my best to stop these guys but Rinku’s mind was cooking something else and obviously not the tea. “Guys !!!! We will go to railway station there we can easily find a chaiiwallah. It wud be amazing at this point of time, sipping tea and enjoying the platform scene with whistles of train blowing off our head”
“What the **** array o’ philosopher. Tera fuse udd gaya hai kya? Man!! we can’t go to railway station at this odd hour.” I shouted
Sunny as always jumped in between, “We will hire an auto” and all of my efforts went in vain.
We found an auto who charged very NOMINAL 100 bucks for a 3 km journey. For the whole route, I was cursing Minku for popping up such a useless thought. We reached station and went to platform number 7. Reason, it was Rinku’s luckiest number. There we had two rounds of tea and some snacks. Time just flew off and it was already 3 am. We had spent more than two hrs, I have never spent this much of time on a platform even while waiting for a train but to be true, it was fun and adventurous :). It was time to go back now.7….6....5….4…3…2…1, main gate.
“Ticket” a person in black coat queried.
“We are not coming from somewhere, we just came for having tea” Minku replied thoughtlessly.
“Ohh!!! then you should have platform tickets” Mr. Black coat shouted.
We all five looked at each other and in the excitement of having tea, we forgot to buy platform tickets. Now what, Will he heavily fine us? but we don’t have enough cash. Will he put us in jail?No!!We are so innocent looking. Will he call our parents?
aray minkude, marwa dia tune aaj, I uttered silently
bete! if you dont have platform tickets. You will be fined.”
“No uncle, we don't have. Sorry, We will buy from next time.”
“Ok! Buy next time but for now you have to pay the fine”
“If we don’t give then ” Sunny replied furiously.
“Nothing much atleast a night in jail.”
JAIL..Noooo. What would happen if he did so, our career will be devastated. We will be defamed in college, society, block and parents. What will we tell them? My mind went full of these thoughts.
“Sunny be quiet!!!!” I shouted at peak of my voice and then one more irrational thought from someone “Let’s run!!!!” Ohh!! We are gone today. God please save us and I think, he listened to our prayers.

Aray Sharma ji .leave the boys. Why are you scaring them? apne hi bachche hain”someone from behind spoke.
“They are freshers, let them enjoy”another voice came from back. Both of the voices were sounding familiar.
“Who are they helping us at this point when our reputation and career is at stake?” And then as always Minku started grinning, what a stupidity, was my first thought and then Raju, Sunny and Rinku too joined him. I thought I am in some insane world full of foolish and crazy people but when I looked behind, I found a group of 6-7 young boys standing and among them, were our two rescuers, chaube bhaiya and addy bhaiya.
“lets move guys’ told chaube bhaiya to us.
“Sharma ji, do take care next time, these are our juniors” Addy bhaiya reminded him.
“Ok!!! Addy don’t u worry”Mr black coat alias Sharma ji responded.
As soon as we got out of railway station. We had a class of 15 mins from bhaiya duo because of our carelessness and then we returned to our habitat with a smile on our faces. It was already dawn which had started to break and the twilight was looking very soothing and calm. I still sometimes think had both those guys had not come to our aid, what would have happened to 5 of us that night but one thing still remains, 7; Rinku’s luckiest number which he kept on repeating for next four years till we were together. And I too felt, that day it was 7, the number which saved us!!

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