Thursday, 14 May 2009

new arrivals

It was already more than 10 days since the blackout in our block, days passed out very quickly partly bcos of some hefty assignments and partly in exploring the city. I had totally forgotten about that night incident when someone was trying to compete with the door, now I was more concerned on the girls in my college. It’s said “ a bird in hand is better than two in bush”, so was checking on the most probable ones. I also met Minku and Sunny, and now we were a bunch of 5 idiots who were also living nearby as there was no hostel facility in our college and hence life was full of masti and dhamaal. In first 15 -20 days, we all had made a list of girls on whom each one of us will have a go but most pathetic thing was most of them were common in our lists.

Now here entered our super senior, Mr chaube and with his years of experience, he managed somehow to struck a deal among us and then it was a round robin with a common answer, a big “NO”, with a little success to RAJU who managed to get the number of one batchmate. It was the Friday night and there was no college for next two days and after going through a long phase of dejection and rejections. I along with AKS and Raju decided to spend the night (please bear positive thoughts) with Minku and Sunny both of them were living with Chaube boss. It was a fun filled nite, we were ragged but it was such a friendly ragging, so no regrets. We discussed at length about our past life and then tea at 3 am in morning was the best part courtesy chaube boss and then some more chit-chat and then a sound sleep with songs from movie Jism playing on the comp.

Next morning, we went to a nearby dhaba for having some tea and snacks. Then me and chaube boss stopped at an STD shop and there he introduced me to one more senior, Addy boss. He was also living with chaube ji but last night, he had some other commitments so dint turn up to the room and then suddenly there was some hush. A girl of around 18-20 yrs., fair, slim came to STD shop for getting her phone recharged and there was some eye talks between addy boss and chaube boss. Ohh!!! same stuff, we also do, when we see any good looking girl but I admit she was the most beautiful girl, I saw in that city till the time I stayed there. Though she left but the duo were still eyeing her and then we all headed towards our rooms. The boss duo was still chit-chatting and I hope it was related to her only. AKS, Raju and me headed back to our original room….4**67.

The STD shop had started a beginning and soon there will be lots happening in my life due to it.

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